12sunsigns.com honors the legendary Linda Goodman, an Aries, with posthumous induction into the Astrology Hall of Fame


Gee, golly, Google? It’s Goobers! Today, April 10th, is the 86th anniversary of the birth of a remarkable woman who helped change people’s perception of astrology forever. She humanized and popularized sun sign astrology in a way that brought it to the masses and spoke to you directly and without pretense.

Linda Goodman wrote Sun Signs and Love Signs back in the 1960’s and she without question single-handedly rewrote the book on what people think and feel about the ancient art of peering up at the stars. I, personally have taken a great amount of joy from reading Linda’s timeless books. If you haven’t read them already, I’d suggest picking up a copy of Sun Signs, Love Signs and Goobers. Chances are, someone in your family already has Love Signs laying around. A few people I’ve mentioned the book to often say something to the effect of, “Oh, yeah, my mom had it.” or “Sure, I’ve read it and think it’s amazingly accurate!”

12sunsigns.com posthumously inducts Linda Goodman into the Astrology Hall of Fame for her compassionate service to others by enriching lives, breeding tolerance and for enabling people to better understand themselves and others so that we all can live life as part of nature and at one with each other. Linda, you are a beacon of constant light and a champion for the twinkling stars that you call home.

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