Evangeline Adams inducted into the Astrology Hall of Fame


Related to two U.S. presidents, Evangeline Adams capitalized on an upscale image to serve such clients as J.P. Morgan, Charles Schwab, Tallulah Bankhead and Joseph Campbell. Risking her reputation, she fought bogus charges brought against her for fortune telling and convinced the presiding judge in the case that she had sufficiently raised astrology to be a bonafide science and art form. She did it in the most compelling of ways, too. Check out this video clip from A&E’s special “Secrets in the Stars,” narrated by Leonard Nimoy.


Perhaps not one single person in history has done more to raise awareness about astrology than has this legendary woman. It is our distinct honor today, on the 143rd anniversary of her birth, to posthumously induct Evangeline Adams into the Astrology Hall of Fame. Every person who has ever attempted to write a horoscope or interpret a chart owes their practice to Adams, a historic figure of enormous statue and incredible resolve.

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