Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Kelsey Grammer, Edward James Olmos, the memory of George Harrison

Kelsey Grammer has probably had more wives than his “Simpsons” animated alter ego Sideshow Bob has had nervous breakdowns. This talented actor and producer gave Frasier Crane all of his idiosyncrasies and has produced the UPN show “Girlfriends” and the BET comedy called “The Game.” Grammer’s artistic sensibilities are borderline eccentric. He can’t quite hold a candle to fellow Piscean Liz Taylor’s seven marriages but he’s getting close. We wish him well with his current bride, Kayte Walsh.


Edward James Olmos is the quintessential Latino actor. He’s played everything from a cholo, a starship captain to an inspirational high school calculus teacher named Jaime Escalante in the movie “Stand and Deliver.” Edward James Olmos is the go-to guy in Hollywood for a serious Latino actor with incredible acting range and talent. Orale, ese!

George Harrison may have been regarded as the quiet Beatle, but his influence is far-reaching. His spirituality was very evident and his music reflected his inner struggle. As part of the fab four, Harrison was a musical legend who came from humble beginnings to rise to the stratosphere as a member of the most popular band in history.

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