Starfile: Birthdays – Maya Angelou, Robert Downey, Jr., Kitty Kelley and the memory of Heath Ledger

Aries people are forward-thinking, exuberant, generous, adventure-seeking and fearless trailblazers who look forward more than they look back. April 4th is quite a stellar day for talent. Born on this day is poet Maya Angelou, actor Robert Downey, Jr., author Kitty Kelley and the late actor Heath Ledger.

StarfileMaya Angelou is a woman of spirited inspiration and extraordinary grace and accomplishment. Her articulation reaches out to people in a way that transcends all barriers and reaches to the very heart and soul.

StarfileRobert Downey, Jr. is one of the best actors in Hollywood today. His enormous fame did not come without a price: the Aries actor learned to “like the taste of gun metal” while he lived an indulgent life on the edge. Luckily, he was able to beat back his demons and make fun of himself in the process. There’s something unmistakably accessible about Robert in that he seems to bare all in true unpretentious and very direct Aries fashion. His best roles, in my opinion, have been Charlie Chaplin, Iron Man and as the dude in Tropic Thunder. 

StarfileKitty Kelley is the Aries author who is in the business of airing dirty celebrity laundry. She is known for her stinging biographies of famous people. She writes in forthright manner and her style of approach is all Aries in that she doesn’t mince words or beat around the bush.

StarfileHeath Ledger is immortalized as the Joker. The actor’s level of range and raw talent were amazing in that he could morph into any character and be convincing at it.  He wasn’t afraid to take on challenging roles that consumed him. The legend of his acting ability and expression of creative talent will live forever.

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