Happy Birthday to the Bieber!

All hail Bieber-mania! The Canadian-born-and-raised singing sensation turns 17 on March 1st. This precocious teen has a penchant for picking up on any given situation and delivering a stellar performance accordingly; no matter the venue. This kid steps up to the proverbial plate, or court, as he did recently when he put on Nikes to play basketball in the NBA celebrity All-Star game.

He’s only a youngster but his attitude is very mature and is tinged by an evident humble and self-deprecatingly goofy sense of humor that is very Piscean. To think of what this kid has accomplished at a very young age is mind-bogglingly inspirational. This is only the beginning. He reminds you of a young Sagittarian named Donny Osmond, only bigger and brighter on the starscale.      

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