New Moon in Sagittarius

The wonderfully powerful, bold and honest new moon in Sagittarius encourages us all to be true to ourselves and to look out for one another. Sagittarius is a very global-oriented sign and cannot stand stagnation or treading water. A fire sign, Sagittarius is forthright, does not believe in lying or beating around the bush. Very direct and mutable, Sagittarius likes to be on the go. This new moon energy excites us into action. Mercury is just coming out of retrograde so tread carefully and measure your next steps. The things you do in the ten days following the new moon are potent. As each day passes, the new moon energy dissipates slightly so make your brightest, boldest efforts around the 9th or 10th of December. That’s when Mercury will resume full speed ahead the new moon energy is still very active. Aim high and go for the big brass ring!

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