Real musica: Jon Secada belts out a moving ballad and we’re brought to you by…an unlikely source

This woman is so happy she can afford to wear a shirt again with Geico.
This sultry siren is so hot, bothered and happy that she's saving money with GEICO; she's too caliente to wear a shirt. She can afford to buy a lot of shirts now that she's saving mucho dinero with GEICO.

This woman is so happy she signed up with GEICO — she can afford to wear a shirt again. She was losing her shirt with her previous carrier because, quite simply, GEICO can save you money and get you great car insurance, too. It’s all about peace of mind. Isn’t your mind worth a piece of ass, er, we mean comfort?

A screen shot from when we were briefly sponsored by GEICO (don’t we wish?), a division of Berkshire Hathaway, the company owned by Warren Buffett, the Virgo investor with precision edge and calculated savvy for business strategy.

Buffett understands better than anybody that diversifying is great for business. Under the Bershire investment tent pole umbrella we find See’s Candy (marshmallow Scotch kiss, anyone?), Fruit of the Loom underwear (is that a banana in your briefs or are you just happy to see me?), Santa Fe-Burlington Northern railroad (Wanna play Monopoly? Let’s take a ride on the Reading Railroad!) and it all started with the Hummer of vacuum cleaners, the wonderfully metal and durable Kirby.

My grandmother’s Kirby vacuum cleaner had its own headlight! This thing was like driving a tank of a vacuum right over anything in its path, get out of the way, cat, RAWL, yeah, that’s right, the Kirby’s coming through!!! Choo-choo. =)

Check out that cream corn -colored yellow shag rug!

GEICO can’t insure “Your Sunshign Forecast” but they will insure your car, boat, cow, horse, pig, ducks, chickens, goose, geese and Grey Goose vodka. Lots of it. Bottles in fact.

You think you got good perks at work with free coffee, tea, juice and sodas? Big deal! Here's the official company bar of Grey Goose in Brussels. Care for a martini? Shaken, not stirred. d'olive, s'il vous plait
Have you got any crickets, mate?

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