Your broad-minded, futuristic mind sets you apart from the rest, Aquarius. You’re a visionary and an eccentric. Aquarius is the sign of the inventor and we’re currently living in the industrious Age of Aquarius. Look all around us: the gizmos from the Jetsons, the gadgets right out of Star Trek and the digital age a la Buck Rogers are all patently Aquarian. What does this mean for you on a personal level? Your highly evolved mind is futurized. Abraham Lincoln, FDR and Thomas Alva Edison were all born under the sign of Aquarius and each had minds that peered far into the future.  In spite of what others thought of them at the time, these brilliant people changed the world not only during their own times but for future generations to come.

You’re great working with groups of people, you can mobilize the masses to support a cause, idea, invention or theory that can have far-reaching implications. Some may call you aloof or detached but it’s all a matter of perspective. You choose to communicate with the masses on a collective level but you also do well reaching people on a personal level. It’s because you’re typically non-judgmental and you believe in and practice and live-and-let-live mentality. Science, medicine and solar power are all areas of expertise for you, Aquarius.

Aquarians are typically humorous humanitarians who have the unique ability to relate to people from all walks of life. Your fixed nature gives you the ability to focus on any task at hand but some may accuse you of having tunnel vision. Indeed, it is your single-purpose resolve that allows you to press on and continue while others give up and fail. You’re in touch with the ether-bearer within: eccentric, groovy, far-out and focused on the future.

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