“Just Do It,” Aries. The world-famous Nike slogan was likely created with you in mind. You’re a get-up-and-go kind of person who can’t stand too much idle contemplation or to just be sitting around. Nope, not you! You’re a born doer! Because you’re so action-oriented, some people may think that you’re too impatient for your own good. To that you say, “Screw that!” you’re a fine kinetic learner, Aries, you learn best be diving in head-first into any project. Being a cardinal sign, you’re a dynamite initiator who gives fire, excitement and imagination to any new project but you’re probably not too great at finishing them.

You get bored easily and you hate to have anyone (or anything) spin your wheels for too long. You’re a lively conversationalist who can be brutally honest. You don’t believe in pretense of bullshitting anyone and you often wonder why anyone would beat around the bush and not say or act on what they’re thinking or feeling.

Some may label you impetuous and selfish but you could care less. You’re great at standing up for yourself, even if you appear hotheaded at times. This is because you’re greatly influenced by Mars, the fiery red planet of action, adventure and even war. Remember to pick your battles, Aries, because not everyone is worth fighting. When pride is the only thing at stake, is it worth going there?

“Discretion is the better part of valor,” Aries, so it’s wise for you to channel your energy and your enormous passions into worthwhile, fruitful activities and ventures. Sports comes naturally to you since you have a competitive spirit. You’re a born leader with fearless determination. You’d do anything to help a friend. What I like most about Aries is your wonderful eagerness. When you suggest something to Aries the question of “when” is more likely to come instead of a “why?”


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