It’s no secret. Some of my favorite people were born under the sign of Cancer. Wanna know why? Well, just look in the mirror. You’ll see your beautiful moon-kissed face staring back at you, Cancer. You’re kind, sensitive, helpful, brooding, funny and sweet. Your sentimentality and fine instincts make it obvious that you are a feeling water sign. You just feel things before you know.

Always trust your instincts, Cancer, and never doubt or second guess yourself. You’re a delightfully humorous person who loves to laugh. You’re an excellent cook, too, and you enjoy making tasty treats that you can indulge in and spoil your mate, kids and house guests with. People love being in your company, Cancer, because even though you can be moody at times, you are a gem of the highest quality.

The phases of the moon effect you greatly. You’d be wise to get a Farmer’s Almanac to see where the moon is at all times. When the moon is new, you feel bold, daring and adventurous. When it’s a full moon, you tend to be super emotional, even more intuitive than usual and maybe just a bit maudlin and melancholy. Strive to guard against moodiness, Cancer.

You tend to go about things in a roundabout way rather than head on or directly. You’re very protective and will do anything to save a family member or deserving friend who is in trouble. Cancerians make great comedians, chefs, caretakers, gardeners, home builders, architects and stay-at-home moms. You’re a beautiful soul with a heart of gold and pearls.

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