You’re a business impresario with a brilliant mind and a bitingly honest sense of humor. Your computer-like mind is good with numbers. A great percentage of Capricorn people are accountants, businesspeople and administrators. Your business savvy and gift for commerce enables you to put together and successfully manage and maintain an empire.

Efficiency, execution and excellence are words to describe your business plans. You probably started trading or selling things since you were very young. You were taught the value of a dollar by someone close to you and it has never left your grasp. You can make your money grow in more ways than one. You live for the challenge of excelling in business. The exchange of goods and services marvels you and you probably dream of being your own boss. Even if you aren’t your own boss, you probably do something on the side that handsomely supplements your income.

You’re not all work and no play, though, as you believe in the motto, “Work hard and play harder.” Capricorns tend to make people laugh with their tongue-in-cheek, smart-ass remarks that are a mixture of hilarity and truth. Your matter-of-fact style pulls no punches. You’re afraid of being broke so you overcompensate for this by throwing yourself head first into your chosen profession.

Your power of perseverance allows you to climb the mountain of success, even if it takes one step at a time. You can methodically climb the corporate ladder with patience and resolve. Your cardinal nature makes you great at starting new things and inspiring others with your vision. Your ideas are rooted in reality and common sense. Business and comedy are your forte. A great many Capricorns are comedians and business people. Sometimes both!

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