There is power and artistry in words, articulation and alliteration, Gemini, and your Mercurial powers of expression make it easy for you to understand this. Your mind is quicksilver and your level of comprehension is sky high. The avatar for your sign, the twins of Gemini, means that you often have a duality that makes you feel pulled in two different directions.

You are open minded, adventurous and get bored very easily. In fact, boredom is your worst enemy. It can make you restless and can get you into trouble. The key is to keep yourself busy at all times and don’t allow restlessness to force you to make rash, unwise snap decisions. “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread,” Gemini, so don’t be too hasty when making decisions, especially those involving or affecting other people.

People love your company because you’re very lively, bright and enthusiastic. Some may say that you’re too cerebral and that you lack emotional depth. In fact, emotions tend to confuse you, Gemini. Truth be told, you don’t care for messy emotional entanglements. Your bright, airy nature inclines you to prefer relations that are free of strings or restrictions.

Like your opposite sign, Sagittarius, you don’t like to be tied down or have your options and movements limited. I love your quick wit, easy smile and can-do attitude. Conversely, your other twin can make you impatient of others and critical of their shortcomings. Your flexibility serves you well. Your mutable nature means that you’re very capable of dealing with change and adapting to circumstances. What I love most about Gemini is your open mindedness and your loquaciousness. Conversations with you are fun and exciting.

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