The best in print horoscopes and the best in video horoscopes are hands down from these wonderful astrologer/authors:

Susan Miller presents Astrology Zone. The best horoscopes available anywhere! Susan writes monthly horoscope columns that are always spot-on accurate and delightfully insightful. Her writing is superb and her ability to relate to the reader is refershingly wonderful. Her horoscopes have been found in some of worldwide periodicals, from Vogue in Japan to Elle magazine. Susan is a mentor and a friend and the best astrologer of our era. She’s right up there with Sydney Omarr, Carroll Righter, Jeanne Dixon, et al.

Barbara Goldsmith has an uncanny ability to take apart the sky and make sense of it all. Her video horoscopes are instructive and thorough and are easy to relate to and free of any astro jargon. She simply gives you a pie chart diagram of the sky and mentions which transits are occurring at the present moment and how they can effect you and what actions you could take (or not take) to deal with all of the energy in the sky. She’s brilliant!