Proud, magnanimous and majestic, Leo. You’re these things and so much more. A born thespian with a flair for performing and the arts, you take to center stage effortlessly, and you command attention wherever you go. Leos are the greatest show people in the history of stage and screen. You have a commanding presence and a regal, stately demeanor. Check out our Leo the Regal Lion t-shirt that we offer. You’re a generous soul, Leo, with a heart as warm as the sun.

It’s hard not to notice a Leo. You’re probably used to the attention you receive wherever you go. Even if you’re not famous, you still tend to have your own paparazzi adoring your every move. Sounds creepy, huh? Well, not really. It’s just that people can’t help but notice you for all of your shining qualities. Your fixed nature can make you very focused on achieving anything you set out to do. However, you must guard against the flip side of the coin and avoid becoming or at least appearing too fixed and stubborn for your own good.

Flexibility and a tad of humility will help you tremendously. You hate to be ignored and unnoticed. Your biggest pet peeves are to be unacknowledged and snubbed by people, especially by those you consider important. You’re used to being the apple of everyone’s eye and to you even the slightest snub is a great affront that you cannot tolerate. Relax, Leo, even you have to come off stage every once in a while. Your adoring public and most loyal family and friends will never leave you, but they may allow you a break every now and then. Your charisma is irresistible and no one can stay away for too long.

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