Serve or suffer, Pisces. You’ve been put on this Earth to relieve human suffering, not to add to it. If you happen to fall into the worldly trap of serving only yourself and the selfish desires of the flesh, you will have to suffer in order to start swimming in the right direction – upstream. Your sign is notably symbolized by two fish tied together by a karmic, cosmic string of sorts, one swimming upstream and the other pulling downstream. Here is your choice, Pisces, because even though you’ve got a spot-on instinct, you can’t help but self-destruct if you don’t follow your true path—to serve humankind. You must set aside illusionary worldly desires and answer the call towards a path that allows you to practice your true inner nature. You’re spiritual, but not necessarily religious, sensitive but not weak, emotional but not prone to hysteria.

The symbol of Christ is the fish and trees were carved with a fish pointing the direction to “the way,” which was the underground movement of Christ after his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection. Jesus was about service to others and the washing of the feet to show humility and selfless service. Interestingly, there were 12 disciples following him and Pisces happens to be the 12th sign of the zodiac.

Indeed, much like Jesus, you can meet tragedy, heartbreak and injustice with an indifference in that you expect suffering in this life and don’t complain about it. In fact, it almost seems as if you revel in suffering, secretly knowing that adversity builds character. There is strength in weakness, laughter in sadness and sanity in craziness. You somehow understand these paradoxes. To you, all things are relative. Your instincts are to be trusted and heeded. Your imagination is vivid. Your sensitivity is such that you feel the emotional state of the people around you. You must guard against negativity and pessimism. You don’t take this linear world very seriously. To you, life is a journey of the soul. Within you, Pisces, is a bit of every previous sign. You’re an enigmatic force of water and you are as mysterious as the oceans of the world – vast and deep. Prayer and charity are advised. Be as kind and generous with yourself as you are with others. You matter greatly.

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