“Get up and go!” is your motto, Sagittarius. You’re a freewheeling spirit, always ready for the next adventure. Your mutable nature makes you incredibly flexible and fluid. The symbol of your sign, the pointy arrow, means that you’re always aiming high for the ideal in any situation. The avatar for your sign, the Centaur, makes it easy to understand your restless nature. Your brutal honesty comes from your ruling planet Jupiter. You’re inclined to tell the truth, no matter how unsavory others may perceive it. Most people appreciate your honesty, but however, others simply can’t handle it.

They call Sagittarius the sign of the bachelor because you hate to be tied down. You don’t appreciate limits of any kind. Some people may even call you aloof. Remember what Aquarian Jennifer Anniston said about her ex Brad Pitt, who is a famous Sagittarius? She said, “it seems as if he lacked an emotion chip.” One thing I’ve noticed about Sagittarius people is that nothing seems to faze them. Sagittarius tends to take things in stride, knowing that nothing lasts forever, including those momentary bouts of depression. To you, life is one great adventure full of all kinds exciting twists and turns.

All things are relative to a Sagittarius except one big thing: the truth. In order to keep the trust of a Sagittarius, never lie to them. Truth be told, you Sagittarius is an idealist who likes to believe the best in people. Philantrophy and helpfulness are what excites you. You may be awkward with messy one-on-one relations and emotional scenes are distasteful, but you like people and you need others for happiness. You may seem ultra-independent in the love department but the more friends you have around you, the merrier you are. The world “entourage” must have been created by a Sagittarius person.

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