Intensity of spirit, amazing instinct and evolved sensitivity are good ways to describe you, Scorpio. You feel things before you know them. Always trust your intuition as it rarely fails you. Of course, this you already know. You can sense people’s ulterior motives and you often have a built-in bullshit detector. The scorpion stinger symbolized by your sign indicates your vindictive nature. Far from being a pushover, you’re more than willing and able to stand up and fight for what you believe and what you wish to protect. This comes from your Martian influence. Scorpios tend to be very athletic with a naturally strong physique.

You make a formidable opponent because you mix instinct with brawn. You’re able to sense your opponent’s next move and pounce on them with the stinging force of the scorpion. Your fixed nature makes you very focused. Once you set your mind to something, you likely make good and do it. The best advice anyone can give you is to be more forgiving – of yourself and others.

The Scorpio energy is powerful because you’re a combustible combination of passion, persistence and patience. Your magnetic nature makes people magically drawn to you. They just can’t help it. It’s in your eyes. Every Scorpio has these intense eyes with a gaze that seems to peer into the outer limits of space, time and matter.

People find you to be incredibly sexy and irresistible. One of the greatest loves of my life was a Scorpio. I experience transcendence whenever we made love, which was only about four times. To Scorpio, it’s quality over quantity. A Scorpio never does anything half way. It’s all or nothing with you. Scorpio is an emotional water sign that feels things very deeply. If you have earned the love and trust of a Scorpio you are very lucky.

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