Perfection personified, Virgo, that’s what you are, or at least that’s what you strive to be. Of course, there are no mortals among us who are truly perfect but your quick, alert, brilliant Mercurial Virgo mind is as close as it gets. Virgo, you like to be of service to your fellow human beings and whenever someone comes to you with a problem you always come up with more than one possible solution. The avatar for your sign, the spotless wheat chafer, methodically chooses only the best grain for the bread you bake. Interesting how the Pisces-Virgo being of service polarity works – Pisces represents the fish and Virgo the virgin wheat chafer for bread baking. Fish and bread sound very familiar, right? The only thing missing is the wine in the story of the offerings of Jesus, the ultimate symbol of unselfish servitude. Chances are, your recipes are the best around. Some of the best cooks I know are Virgo people.

Shy, reserved and sensitive, you distrust emotion and you tend to rely on rationality and intellect to guide you. You have a bright, orderly mind that can make sense out of chaos. Your organizational skills are legendary. Virgos are neat, tidy, clean and efficient. You have a wonderful blend of good common sense, intellectuality and reasoning. Your personal hygiene is immaculate and your living quarters is a temple of tidiness.

Your literal mind enables you to study hard and your mutable nature gives you the flexibility you need to solve complex problems. One of the most beautiful people I have had relations with is a Virgo – beautiful inside and out. In spite of all your virtuous qualities, you are not without your flaws, of course, however. You can be critical, of yourself and of others. Your perfectionism can get the best of you at times and you must guard against passivity. Passive aggressiveness is not a good thing. It’s better to come out and say what you mean without fear of reprisal or being misunderstood. Virgo, the world would fall apart without you. We all need your caring grace, your brightly lit mind and your keen sense of service and compassion.

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